This is a blog for the organisation, Let Us Work. We are based in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa. If you want to know more, please visit our WEBSITE!  (Under Construction...)

About Let Us Work

The people at “Let Us Work” have a vision for a South Africa where previously disadvantaged citizens can play a role in overall economic development by finding their way out of poverty. This is the next stage in the realization of economic freedom. Government is reliant on tax receipts in order to provide for the overwhelming needs of the majority poor population: Currently, the inflow of funds does not meet the requirements of delivery expectations. The equation cannot be balanced by an increase of individual taxation as this is a self limiting strategy. The clear answer is that there must be an increase in the number of taxpayers. The mission of Let’s Work is to find those potential taxpayers; the people with the entrepreneurial spirit who can be equipped to play a role in the upliftment of their communities and ultimately, the national economy. Our goal is to have 3000 new tax-payers by the end of 2012.

Africans are known for their ability to shoulder great burdens and survive against extreme circumstances. They have shown the potential to win through adversity, but the sociological effects of colonialism and apartheid have introduced paradigms that need to be broken. The ‘survival strategies’ that were necessary under the old systems need to re-addressed.  South Africa is a complex country still suffering the effects of underdevelopment. The current unemployment (wide definition) is an average of 40% and the GDP is not growing enough to absorb school leavers and the existing unemployed. There is a large skills gap and many communities do not understand business or have been taught that it is immoral to make profit from the community. This results in capital flight from community bases.  We seek to introduce a successful business ethic based on a Christian business principals.  Let Us Work is a non-profit organization that seeks to harness private capital development with programs that equip marginalized people to find their way out of poverty, and help others find their way out of poverty.

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