NGO’s to go…

How did the chicken cross the road? Does it matter, or is it more important that it got there?

The “Let us Work” program is not only about business, but about finding ways to improve people’s lives. It’s about finding a way out of poverty and improving access to services. We aim to nurture NGO’s that have unique ideas on how to reach out to communities and co-operatives that can access government funding to uplift their communities. We would assist with training, registration, constitutions and other starting point issues, the same way that we guide start-up businesses. Just like a hand written IOU means nothing in the real world, a hand written proposal usually doesn’t inspire much confidence in an NGO’s ability to comply with accountability and reporting procedures often required by funders. This limits the growth of NGO’s that have the heart to make a real difference. The “Let us Work” program has the resources and staffing to partner with NGO’s to access better funding resources, without NGO’s struggling to source additional admin staff and assets.

We have already seeded an NGO called “Mobilize for Mobility” that sources second hand wheelchairs and other similar assets and donates them to disabled people who do not currently have access to them, as well as creating awareness and support for disabled people. We will also be assisting with the establishment of food projects for sustenance and market, such as vegetable tunnels and vertical herb gardens. Once funding is available, we have some farmers on board, ready to provide training on sustainable, eco-friendly agricultural practices that utilize plant succession as a means of soil preparation.

We have also been very involved with a project out in Mfume (you have no idea where that is do you?). Mfume is out in the South Coast of Durban, unapproachable by tar roads.

The project is called Siyabathanda: They take in disabled children from the rural communities. Some are orphans, some are left there because their parents aren’t able to take care of them. We have helped them with their constitution and wheel chairs, clothes, toys etc have been donated by people connected with be-more and Isaiah 54. Step by step they are improving their organisation. They currently have to walk far to get clean water and have no electricity. Please get hold of us if you want to help them!

This young girl is deaf, blind, dumb and mostly paralyzed. She now has a new wheel chair thanks to donations organised through Let Us Work and from other organisations. Even though she cannot see or hear you, if you hold her hand, she has a smile that could light up the world!

3 thoughts on “NGO’s to go…

  1. This is wonderful. I am presently involved with a project near Hartebeespoort Dam, trying to set up a nursery / pre-school in a very rural area. I am finding it quite a challenge, but reading your blog has inspired me to try even harder. The children I am hoping to help have no disabilities, just no stimulation in their lives. They will already be behind when starting primary school, and so I hope the small amount I am doing can help in a small way. I will be following your blog with much interest. Jacqui

    • Hi Jacqui – any difference is still a difference. Even if you only made a difference to one, you made a difference to THAT one. If we had more people like you, we would see our world change for sure! Please email us, if you need any advice! You can used the email form or the details on our website ( ) – we are always eager to help people who are trying to make a difference!

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