Windows of Opportunity

This is a preview of the content that is going to be up on the website once it is done….:

International co-operation to open windows of opportunity for economic growth.

Sometimes we feel we can do everything on our own, but isn’t it nice to get a little guidance from someone who has been through it? By opening up the program to international volunteers, it provides a unique opportunity for co-operation. Let’s face it, co-operation is always great for business. What I don’t know, someone else might have a fresh perspective on! International volunteers provide expertise and training and have an opportunity to gain a unique perspective on what life is like in rural South Africa. It doesn’t hurt that there are beautiful scenic beaches and game reserves along the way. International volunteers get to experience tourism through a very unique perspective, interact with real people, and make a difference by helping to grow local businesses. Volunteers raise their own money and volunteer packages are coordinated through Be-More, who arrange all the logistical considerations. Altruistic tourism, is there any other kind? 

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